Fundraising Brochure: Sense of Style

Includes School Spirit Jewelry

A 16 page jewelry catalog that is the perfect tag to go with frozen food and holiday shoppers. Items for women, men, teens, and children as well as school spirit jewelry. All of this makes it a very easy booking tool!

To flip through the pages of the brochure, visit

For the fundraising GROUP

  • 50% Profit
  • FREE Brochures
  • FREE Prizes
  • FREE Computer Tallying
  • FREE Individual Order packaging
  • FREE Delivery

For the Distributor or Independent Contractor

Pricing / Profit %

  • 50% Profit


  • Brochures
$.29ea ordered in full case quantities shipped vendor direct$.39ea from QDP/PFR Save money by ordering full case and having it ship direct.
  • Prize Program
FREE The Win Free Merchandise Prize Program included in product cost. Good ONLY for THIS brochure and Value Priced Spring Collection.
  • Prize Flyer/Order Form
$.10ea Not necessary if tagging with Value Priced Spring Collection.
  • 6% of Retail
  • Data Entry
Included Entering student orders and picking to the piece by student and classroom. Orders will arrive within 3 weeks from the date orders received.
  • Reporting
Included Order Summary, Class/Team Report.
  • Pick and Pack
Included Includes order processing services.
  • Late Order Handling
Included 1 batch within 10 days of original order receipt
  • Missing &Damaged
Included 1 batch within 10 days of delivery
  • Shipping
FOB Huntington, IN  


  • Payment with orders


  • 20% of group invoice
  If group sends 50% payment, we will send commission check when account reaches zero balance. Or, you calculate your commission and deduct it from the amount sent to us.

For more information, email or visit


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