Job Opening

I am looking to replace a web design specialist who was managing nearly 50 web sites for my company. Understanding of shopping carts and php essential. Our customers are fundraising distributors who will send lots of product brochures that will involve scanning and posting individual pictures that can be use both to show products available to prospects, but also to enable online ordering by long distance relatives wanting to support a long distance family member’s school fundraiser.

We have a proprietery program that we need someone to quickly help us get back up to speed on. There is additional scripting that will be necessary to as closely duplicate the overview document you’ll find here.

WebUltra (TM) Step By Step

There are some links on that will show you some of the types of sites we have built.

If you’re interested, here is what I’d like to know:

1. How much would you charge to build a basic web site with 3-5 pages that give general information about what a customer does and some pictures of fundraising product brochures and products……say 100 pictures that we would provide but would need to post.

2. How familiar are you with shopping carts and credit card processing?

3. What experience do you have managing hosted sites and providing customer support for people who might have an email or tecnical issue with their web site?

4. Can you write script to go with the Web-Ultra program described above.

5. How much would you charge to take our corporate sites and put them into a format and offer me a recommended easy-to-use program to post updated content???

Send a link to sample sites you’ve done and the answers to my questions above to to


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