Another survivor story

Sometimes travelling is all about finding someplace new to eat out. Other times it is about going back for a favorite. This past weekend, travelling for a family visit, Joan and I pulled off the highway for one of our favorite stops…. Coneys at Skyline.

This particular Cincinnati Chili restaurant is in a strip mall on the east side of the 465 loop around Indianapolis. What a shock when we pulled in….”For Sale”, “Lease” and “Closed” signes were EVERYWHERE. How depressing. Skyline was still there, but had a new twist.

Most of the coney¬†restaurants I’ve been in will have one person preparing food, another running the register and then a couple servers dealing with the tables. This time there were two people. The server who took our order went back behine the counter and fixed the food — then brought it to the table.

The point is not whether she washed her hands or anything like that….I assume she did….. but you know what, the food was good and so was the service. And maybe, there was just a little extra cheese piled on there to help with the tip.

Go Skyline.

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