3 Screens, a 4th Device and a double M2M meaning

I wasn’t actually doing research, but came upon the following all in the same day and thought I would share. It is slightly depressing to know that the new phone I just got is still not up to this level of technology….and that I am not as M2M-saavy and “connected” as it sounds like we’re all going to need to become.

From the July/August edition of Connected World Magazine.

In an article called “Using Your Cell to $ell” are examples of people using cell phones to accept credit cards. There is the iPhone attachment card reader route and the “paper” route, where you use your phone to use services like QuickBooks or GoPayments. Then there are options that don’t use a credit card at all (to avoid processing fees) like mPayy, that uses your cell phone number for unique identification rather than the 16-digit credit card number that no one, including you or me, can remember. So far, that technology only works on iPhones and Android machines.

Imagine, as a fundraiser rep, going into a school, having the sponsor tell you he/she wants to order xyz cases of music-shaped-chocolates, and you whip out your media device, process the credit card and place the order.

For Band Accounts, it could mean processing someone’s credit card for a balance due right there in the Band Parent meeting or in the parking lot at the marching band competition.

In “How Best Buy Sees The Future”, the company’s CEO quotes: ” I think eventually devices that aren’t connected are not going to be as relevant anymore.” “People are getting used to having that connected functionality all the time.” “It’s not so much about the device anymore; it’s about the content you can get with this device.” My favorite was his description of the “three screens”; TV, Computer and Media Device (not cell phone any more). He talks about each of these being “connected” and gives the example of making a Skype call on your TV, reading a book on your phone/media device, etc. He predicts a coming “fourth screen” which he says will be “bigger than a cell phone but smaller and more portable than a laptop”. Isn’t that the area the iPad is in?


I got confused for a bit with this term. Verizon uses it to mean “mobile to mobile” as in free calls from one Verizon phone to another Verizon phone. But then, I also was seeing it in a couple of magazines and blogs I visited, so I did a little digging until I was in over my head. Just in case, the computer world “M2M’ stands for “Machine To Machine” and is about the inter-device connectivity that the magazine was talking about. There are huge options for programmers wanting to design “apps” for that market.

Wish I knew how to do that.

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One thought on “3 Screens, a 4th Device and a double M2M meaning

  1. I used to work in the Industrial M2M marketplace, and have a blog with some general infomation on Industrial Machine-to-Machine. The consumer apps are getting all the press right now, but the industrial/commercial portion is also heating up, now that the major wireless carriers are taking it seriously (IMHO).

    M2M Industrial Solutions

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