5 Commercial Types I Loathe

When I watch TV, it is more often than not one of the cable news channels. It doesn’t seem to matter which one, they both have the same commercials on them. These are the general TYPES of commercials, in no particular order, that make me want to turn off the TV….and often I do.

1. Injury Attorneys

There must be a lot of money in going after all those big, bad, insurance companies. Several years ago, I was encouraged to purchase one of those “million dollar umbrella” packages from a legitimate insurance company. I didn’t do it, but the advice was because, “…you’re a home owner and a business owner. If someone falls off your porch, they will also go after business assets and if they stub their toe at you warehouse, they will try to take your house.”

So…..when the insurance companies pay, who pays? Wonder why your insurance is so high and going up all the time. Medical insurances is significant affected by mal-practice lawsuits so the doctors have to do ridiculous things to protect themselves. Last year, my doctor wanted to check something out and “make sure” I was ok in a particular area, so he sent me to a specialist for tests …… $3000 worth, because if he had said I was ok and then I had a problem, I might be the one calling 1-800-go-after-the-guy.

I’m sure there are times when people are genuinely injured and need help getting through the paperwork and legalities….but it seems to me all these Accident/Injury Attorneys are almost encouraging us to get hurt so we can make them rich.

2. Bankrupcy Attorneys

In my small business, I can’t even begin to calculate how many thousands of dollars I have lost because customers declared bankrupcy seeking “protection from their creditors”. That sounds like such an innocent idea, i.e. get your creditors off your back. But in nearly 100% of the time, that “creditor” is a legitimate business with a legitimate amount to collect.

This Ohio fundraiser came to me in a state of panic because he had just left his previous employer and couldn’t supply some schools he had promised product/service for. As a product and service provider, I’m always looking for more business, so I took him on. He turned in orders for six schools almost in one clump and then asked if there was any way I could deliver them for him. So I took my company truck and paid my driver for two days work and a hotel stay to make the super-fast deliveries. By the time his Net 30 Term invoices were due, he was done. Long story short, I paid an Ohio attorney 4-digits to sue him. He did. We won the case, but got no money. After receipt of the Ohio attorney’s invoice, which I did pay, I asked him, “What is the difference between what that guy did and my going down to the bank with a gun and asking them to put money in a bag?” His answer, “He didn’t use a gun.”

I have three older cars, but they are all paid for. My house is older and less fancy than many, but it is (as of yesterday) paid for. My credit cards, with very few exceptions, are paid off each month. And yet, the person who goes out there and lives beyond his/her means, puts everything on the credit card, buys a couple new cars and moves into a swanky house….until the math doesn’t work…..and then declares bankrupcy so he/she can keep it all. What’s wrong with this picture?

3. Credit Card Help / Debt Reduction

When you put something on your credit card, you owe it. Period. When you “negotiate” an adjusted amount, the credit card company makes up for it by charging higher interest and the vendor makes up for it by charging higher prices. I’m all for consolidation loans if they give you one lower monthly payment that doesn’t go to eternity, at lower interest and a faster pay-off. Unfortunately, for some, consolidating the loans results in freeing up the credit card amounts and off they go again…..until bankrupcy.

4. Car insurance for less.

“Legal for less.” Great slogan. So you get the minimum to be legal and I have to pay extra for “uninsured” and “UNDERINSURED” motorists.

5. 70% OFF!

This was going to be “4”, but I just saw another of those ads that right now is offering 70% off. Sometimes it is “Buy 1, Get 3 Free” and variations thereof. Since the ads are on all the time and the business is still in business, it must work. If I take something that should sell for $10, and I price it at $100 and then offer 70% off ….. that you are paying $30 for it, still overcharged but feeling good. Using the same math, if you buy one of those at $100, I can give you 3 FREE ($40 total) and I’m still way ahead.


I keep reading articles about Americans becoming less intelligent. Ok, I’ll stop now.

Soapbox for the day. Thanks for reading. John


2 thoughts on “5 Commercial Types I Loathe

  1. John, loved your post. I turn the sound off and watch the rolling news ticker and turn on some music, Mozart, Bach, Jazz, Blues… Very calming – try it!

  2. Totally agreed with everything you said! Amen! Think it’s hilarious that the Goggle ad at the end of your post is for “Obama Credit relief Act”! Another program for the irresponsible at the cost to the responsible!!!

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