A Key Question

I startled some people a while back when I posted a Facebook status as “I have surrendered my keys”. Although I realized what it sounded like, I underestimated the stir I would cause and to those who reacted to it, first I’ll say thanks for caring and second to apologize for the scare. I knew when I posted it that was the type of instruction you give someone just prior to escorting them to the door.

I wrote the status in a mild state of frustration …. here’s a short history of my “keys”.

When I started, the person I replaced left his keys in the desk …. so I just started using them. A few weeks into the job I was asked where I got my keys and informed that was not proper proceedure. So I took those keys down and had them re-registered in my name. Legal at last.

A couple years into the job, I was asked to turn in the key that works all the outside doors to have it reprogrammed. Done. Worked fine — until a Friday evening, during a football game, when I had to make a run back to the building to get something. I couldn’t get in, making it necessary to make another trip back to the field to get a different key and a second trip to the building. When I emailed the key-keeper that my key wasn’t functioning properly, I was told it was working as it had been programmed; from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. Really? So how does that work for evening rehearsals, Friday football games and Saturday competitions? Key reprogrammed and problem solved.

Fast forward again. There is another personnel change. The outgoing person hands me his keys. Over the summer, as I am on vacation in another state, I get a call asking about the outgoing person’s keys and was informed that was not proper proceedure. The instruction I was following, and which I partially posted to Facebook was, “Next time you’re in the building, come to the office and surrender your keys.” DONE!

I got my old keys back and am supposed to receive an upgraded key soon. So it’s all good. Don’t you just love bureaucracy?

Have a nice day,


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