Christmas Cards and the Gardner Family Letter

Joan and I have always kept a Christmas Card Book, where we keep not only addresses, but also a record of when we have sent and received cards. Part of Christmas decorating has always included posting one of those Christmas Card stips where we could display all the cards received. This year — maybe not.

Click here to read the  ====> Gardner Christmas Letter 2010

We have always enjoyed exchanging cards….many with friends where Christmas is the only communication… Of course, Facebook replaces a lot of that, but we always look forward to our friends’ “Christmas Letters”. Although I’ve heard them criticized as “brag” letters, I still like them. I keep a few from each year and it is fun to go back and see the family history, one letter at a time.

It is sadly amazing how few people send Christmas cards any more. Yes, it is an expensive habit for the cards and the stamps…..but we have always enjoyed it. This year’s book was at the last year column, so we have to make a new one. In doing that, I was noticing all the people who haven’t communicated with us for several years.

It is so much easier to take 30 seconds to update a Facebook status or to send a text to everyone on your phone list… greeting cards may soon join CD’s, wrist watches, mp-3 players, photo albums, phonebooks and point-and-shoot cameras that are losing out to the features of today’s “communication devices”.

Anyway…..whether or not you’ve sent me a Christmas Card, let me take this opportunity to share my family with yours and to wish YOU a Merry Christmas as you Remember the Reason for the Season.


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