Unoriginal (probably) Security thoughts…

Security during my trip from Indy to Vegas was normal. The only new thing (for me) was the full body scan machine. The TSA guy says to make a triangle over the top of the head….. and then he stops me when I exit and we have to wait the 10-15 weconds for someone to tell him I’m ok. Then I put my laptop back in the bag, put my shoes back on, redo the belt, put my keys, wallet, pens and cell phone in their respective pockets, get my coat out of the bin and proceed on to my flight.

Security leaving Vegas  caused a minor bump. Because I had to check out of the hotel at 11a and the airport has wifi, I figured I’d just hand out there…. but you CAN’T CHECK YOUR BAG more than 4hrs prior to the flight and I was about 5hrs early. So I took it with me…. they told me I could check it at the gate 20 minutes prior to departure.

But that means I had to take it through security.

The TSA guys are announcing “no water bottles” … water at the airport is $3/bottle. What a racket.

Ok, show the boarding pass, show the photo id and proceed to the station.

Bin 1. Laptop. Those have to go in a bin by themselves…..

Bin 2. My shoes, belt, wallet, phone, change, pens.Then the TSA guy is saying “nothing in the pockets ….. nothing”…. so I empty my receipts into the bin also. Push it forward.

Bin 3. My jacket.

Bag 1 and Bag 2.

They have the full body scan but I looked less terroristic this time so was motioned through the older style metal detector…. no problem. TSA guy tells me to have a nice day.

But then I hear “BAG CHECK” and watch them grab the luggage I was not permitted to check earlier. The TSA lady brings the bag to me and says they have an issue with the shaving cream can inside and I need to go with her to another station….. Ok, so its shoes back on, belt back in the loops (she’s waiting), load all the pockets, put the laptop back in the case, grab the coat and follow……

She opens the bag with her surgical gloves on and takes out the shave cream. It is oversized for carry on ……BUT NOT TO GO UNDER THE PLANE? Then she pulls out my tube of toothpaste and rolls up the unused portion before explaining to me that since it was half used up, I could take it. Had it been full, I would have lost that too.

I hear them asking a lady close by if she had someone who could take that home for her……but if not, she had to either stay with her item and miss the plane or forfeit the item. GOSH!

So as I’m sitting here stewing over all that, I begin to wonder. Do they think the terrorists are this stupid or that American travellers are this stupid?

Every step they take is a REACTION to something that has happened. Back in the 60’s and 70’s people would take metal guns on a plane to hijack the plane. HENCE metal detectors for everyone everywhere every time.

Reacting to the shoe bomber guy …. it is shoes off for everyone everywhere every time. The terrorists are probably thinking…..ok…..something other than shoes….. but we’ll be taking shoes off forever.

Somebody tried to mix something on board a plane. HENCE …. only super small travel size toiletries in clear plastic bags. No bottled water, no full size cans of shave cream or normal sized tootpaste tubes.

Underwear bomber. HENCE millions of dollars on the full body scan machines.

My son has a metal rod in his leg from an injury years ago. He sets off metal detectors… he is supposed to carry a card that says it is a medical object. Now if a terrorist is really set on blowing himself up anyway, what would prevent him from implanting a bomb and carrying a medical card? I know that’s not an original comment so don’t tell me I’m teaching the terrorist. But if/when that happens, what will the reaction to be then?

I get the hardenned doors to the pilot area. And the threat or the potential of marshals on a plane are good.

But while I’m asking questions, what about the seat belts. Seat belts in cars make sense and save lives. Other than for extreme turbulance (very uncommon these days with our improvements in weather detection), however, what will that seatbelt do. How many people are saved in a plane crash because their seat belt was on? Or is the goal to make us feel safer?

Life preservers? Ok, there was the landing in the Hudson. I should do a search to see how many of those have been utilized in comparison to the cost to have them in every plane. And the oxygen masks…. ok, anything is possible.

I get it. Gotta have security. But how much? And why?


One thought on “Unoriginal (probably) Security thoughts…

  1. On the seat belts – you would be surprised how often planes hit turbulence during flight. People who are hurt during those times are usually the ones who don’t have their seat belts on. May not save lives, but most definitely reduce injuries. Been there, done that.

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