Applause to UPS for taking such a generic word and making it into a huge advertising campaign. In all their clever advertisements, they talk about logistics and show all the varieties of UPS services; i.e. ground, air, overseas, etc…. BUT THEY NEVER TELL YOU WHAT LOGISTICS ARE!

A friend of mine used to work for the Defense LOGISTICS Agency, a department for the military.

You can go look for Jobs in Logistics. Some of the job areas seem to be in transportation, product handling, engineering, supply chain management, warehousing….  

Would it be correct to say that logistics are the DETAILS? If so, then UPS has trademarks and websites all about convincing you that they can handle your freight details, similarly to the way the Defense Logistics Agency oversees getting the bombs, bullets, medics and everything necessary to support the military to the right place, in the right quantities at the right time.

Perhaps we should all search for an uncommon word to describe something we are or can do and market ourselves or our products/services that wan. Just a thought.



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