Freedom of Speech

Personal opinion post… inspired by an article in the April 2011 issue of PTO TODAY magazine in an article called “Student Talent Show Act Leads to Lawsuit”.

A student auditioning for a talent show was singing a Christian song and was told his song was inappropriate. The principal told the mother she should select a song that “doesn’t say Jesus so many times”.

Through the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian organization that defends religious freedom, she filed a temporary restraining order. The school district reversed the principal’s decision and the boy was allowed to sing his Christian song ….. but the mother has not dropped her lawsuit.

“Several public schools have faced legal challenges in recent years after officials said that students could not perform…..religious themes because doing so would violate the separation of church and state. However, courts have generally ruled in favor of students who wish to express their religious views at public schools as long as they aren’t proselytizing.”

In the past, it has sometimes seemed that Freedom of Speech meant that you could say anything AGAINST Christianity or anything FOR any OTHER religion…. glad to hear the tide might be turning a bit.


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