Garage Treasures Part I

Ok, the morning started with my posting a facebook status that I had nothing on the calendar for today. After a response suggesting a date with my wife, Joan suggested we start on cleaning out the garage…..does that constitute a date?

You know your garage is in bad shape when you start with a shovel. Anyway, we did the first third (currently 90 degrees, btw)…. and after filling two trash cans, four trash bags, two recycle bags and a van full of misc corrugated, here’s a short list of some of what we found…..

  • 16 bars Irish Spring soap
  • 1 powered heater/cooler, 1 styrofoam cooler, several styrofoam pieces used to ship cheese and chocolates, 1 rolling soft-sided bag cooler, 1 gallon drink cooler
  • Misc cassette tapes including: a judges tape from Holmes band, Eastern band judges tapes, UK Concert Band – John Gardner Student Conductor (from before when some of your parents were born), a John preaching tape, Captain & Tenille, KISS, & Bernstein tapes (how’s that for variety) that I used to transcribe/arrange back in the day. Wow.
  • Stuffed animals that my children gave to their great-grandmother. (1 pkg misc stuffed animals southerly bound) plus other stuffed animals that couldn’t be saved.
  • Way too many empty boxes, most with the packing material or styrofoam still inside
  • Fundraising show samples bag from 2005.
  • Bowls, napkins and scoop from a fundraising ice cream party (didn’t find the ice cream).
  • Candle stand that one of the boys made in middle school shop class.
  • Curious George crayons (no, they weren’t mine)
  • Misc canned pop; some popped, some rusted, some dented, none drinkable.
  • Double cassette boom box
  • Graduation Open House signs (from 1999 and/or 2001).
  • Signed Theatre posters.
  • Toddler director’s chair minus the personalized back

The good news is one of the garage bays looks much better. The bad news is that there is still @ 2/3 to go in the downstairs…..and the worst is yet to come.

Lesson learned: Do not post a status about having nothing to do on one of the hottest days of the year.

……there may be a Part II


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