Garage Treasures, Part II

It has been several years since Joan and I had a garage sale, partly because that requires cleaning the garage. I posted about the first part of our cleanup and several of you said you look forward to more…… Today is Part II ….. here is Part I.

Some of today’s treasures:

  • A Honda car radio/cassette deck that I replaced a few years ago. There is nothing wrong with it. Ebay, here I come.
  • UK Hat & Sweatshirt.
  • Dog/Cat Treats. Never had a cat. No dog. Actually these are fundraising product samples…. I have someone who is willing to give them to her “boys”…..
  • Green plush dog. Hopefully not a result of not getting to the dog treats.
  • One snow shovel – crushed by my car tire. Who put it there? Oh, ok….nevermind.
  • Bag-o-Batteries.
  • Cleaning supplies. Oh No!
  • Vaio Computer minus a hard drive. I think the motherboard is bad. Anybody need a case. Keyboard and monitor are fine.
  • Car registration. “Hey officer, I FOUND IT!”
  • UK pop can cooler….
  • Clarinet tie
  • 2 John 3:16 ties
  • 3 Garbage can lids…. we have two cans and none match these lids.
  • Bag of syringes and needles. Wow. It will probably be more fun NOT to speculate.
  • Hack saw. Don’t remember that one.

We’re probably half done. MOST of the remaining stuff is across the back and one side….and much of that will be stuff to go into the sale.


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