Garage Treasures, Part III

Just when I think nobody pays any attention and that this was mostly more an online journal…..I walk into Applebee’s and someone asks, “How’s the garage clean-up coming?” Then I go to a band parent meeting and is a discussion about storage and someone suggests, “In G’s clean garage.” haha So….. here’s more stuff found. The garage is pretty ready now for us to start setting up tables and sorting the remaining “treasures” for a garage sale.

Garage Treasures, Part I
Garage Treasures, Part II

  • Satellite radio boom box minus the satellite radio
  • 4 Dozen bottle rockets from a previous century
  • T-Ball, Coaches Pitch and Little League bats
  • Frisbees from HCCSC, Putt-Putt and Boy Scouts
  • Glo-worm
  • Snoopy hat
  • Slot machine
  • Bag of sea shells
  • Unopened Tony the Tiger Baseball
  • Joan’s h/s diploma (I wonder if mine is out there too. HER’S is old!)
  • Wedding cards to us from Eastern HS students
  • Eastern HS 2nd Annual Band Banquet Program when Juanita Bowen was a senior
  • Cards from me to Joan that she is glad no one else found.
  • A copy of our wedding anniversary in a card she sent to her grandmother that came back to us in a box of stuff after Grandma Crawford passed away.
  • Lots of toddler clothes and toys from the early 80’s.
  • Smurfs, Smurf bus, Smurf city…and more smurfs
  • Wax candles
  • Bristle blocks
  • Bookends
  • Unopened 110 camera – neon orange
  • Crazyphone combo kit (just talked about that a couple weeks ago)
  • 2 Silver clarinet lamps plus 1 additional silver clarinet, all tarnished and needing a polishing touch. Lamp shades no good. I need to put those on my desk at school so I can be a HET (Highly Effective Teacher). I need lamps and plants….according to the official 4-day mandatory training.
  • 9 bicycles (hanging on the walls)…. wheel sizes including 12,20,24,26,27″. Included in that collection is the bike Joan bought herself in 2nd grade, which she can’t part with ….. and the small Schwinn training bike that was David’s, that he wants us to keep. And with all those sizes, we’re set for growing up grandkids.
  • 2 boys bicycle helmets
  • 2 hockey sticks
  • set of elbow/knee pads
  • Battery operated water gun…… (that’s just wrong)
  • License plates from TX, NC, IN
  • Sega Game Gear Bag with everything in it
  • Alphie II and additional game pack
  • Red Radio Flyer wagon
  • Moldy pla-dough with molds and mold
  • Framed Vince Lombardi quote about “Winning”
  • Warped giant clipboard for drill design paper
  • 2 empty kids tool/tackle boxes
  • Giant antique picture frame that belonged to MY grandparents – weights a ton…. probably worth something to the right person
  • Dizzy Dinosaurs
  • 500 piece puzzle – opened
  • 5th candle/grill lighter, 2nd bug/tar remover, 3rd lubricant spray (I should prolly put stuff away better).

With the high 90’s heat the last three days in a row…. 98 today, 100 tomorrow…..Joan and I have backed away from the outside garage work. This will be the last of this series unless we find more as we re-arrange….or perhaps write about setting up for, running and recovering from our garage sale.


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