How do you prove you DIDN’T do something?

In a local TV news story (, it was “alleged” that our high school (crowd, football team) shouted racist slurs at the visiting football time from the nearest larger city during last Friday’s game. Apparently the threat means the news team goes straight to the superintendents. They interviewed ours and quoted theirs.

How do you disprove that kind of accusation? Its kinda like trying to prove you didn’t kick the family pet.

If it happened, it was wrong and those guilty should be punished by removal from the team because we should have zero tolerance in that regard.  Hopefully the on field referees will be able to confirm that it did NOT happen. Of course, if that becomes the case, I doubt the news station will spend an equal amount of time vindicating our team and coaches.

In the meantime, I want to go on record SUPPORTING our coaches, athletic director, administration …. AND TEAM!

Have a great game this week.


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