How do you look on paper for jobs, scholarships and college?

Recently, I was asked to fill out an online recommendation for a student. The online site INCLUDED a request for a “Letter of Recommendation”, which is something I do often for bandsters….. but there was so much more. I thought I would share from a perspective of providing you an opportunity to see how YOU would look on paper (or online) if someone were asked to answer these questions about YOU.

List 3 words that describe this applicant. For this particular person, I used: Inquisitive, intellectual and integrity. What three words could someone say about you?

List 3 strengths and describe how they helped this student have an impact in your class.

In addition to the list below, I highly value strengths like positive attitude, respect given and earned, proficiency, promptness, striving for excellence, helpfulness, balance of humility¬†and confidence, …

Then list 2 weaknesses and describe how the student is working to improve in those areas.

Similarly to easily coming up with three strengths, it is also not too difficult to find something of a weakness…..but then, the challenge is to describe how you, who the question assumes are aware of your own weaknesses, are striving to improve.

Which of the following qualities have significantly influenced this student in your class:

    • hard work ethic / diligence
    • curiosity
    • exceptional natural intelligence
    • passion for learnigdesire to improve

Rate the student in the following areas:

    • academics
    • intelligence level
    • work ethic
    • originality of thought
    • extracurricular accomplishment
    • leadership potential
    • emotional maturity
    • personal character

Write a Letter of Recommendation (maximum 800 words).

Perhaps a good writing exercise sometime could be to write your own letter of recommendation. To do one well requires a lot of critical analysis….good for you. 800 words….really? Try it.

Thanks for reading.


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