Garage Saler Watching

Now that we have completed our 3rd or 4th Garage Sale ever, 2nd in two weeks and maybe last in a lifetime…. I want to share some observations….in random order.

Joan received numerous compliments from visitors for 1) the way the sale was organized (clothes in one location separated by size/type, then household goods, then electronics, then games, then toys….), 2) clothes were all folded or on hangers on racks, 3) everything put out had been cleaned, 4) price stickers, 5) if there was something wrong or missing on an item or in a game, it was noted….. I don’t go to many garage sales. Perhaps I should, even if just to appreciate how organized she was.

The variety of shoppers was amazing…..

  • There were variations of the lady who came into the garage, did not respond to our ‘hello’, eventually brought her $.10 purchase to us, dropped a dime on the table and left without a response to our ‘thanks, have a nice day’. She was really not having a good time.
  • Many were polite and cheerful coming and going, whether they bought anything or not… it should be.
  • There were the negotiators….. no matter what the price, “will you take less for that?” In a few cases we did. Most we did not — and the item sold at the fair and reasonable asking price, sometimes for a subsequent guest. It was almost funny watching the negotiator children trying to be like mom.
  • There were both the careful shoppers who would gently move stacks of clothes, unfold and hold up what interested them, and then refold and replace what they didn’t buy — and there were those careless/care-free types who threw things everywhere.
  • There were the wise and frugal shoppers looking to save on child and grandchild clothes, teaching their children how to be carefully selective…. and there were a small number who appeared to have had their last haircut years ago ….. back when they last changed clothes.
  • There was the 4-yr-old shoplifter who purchased a $.25 toy and then, as the mama was walking down the driveway back to the car, grabbed another toy, put it on top of what he bought and ran out after her. So we lost a dime on that deal.
  • The Mayor made a 60-second visit, commenting that “you don’t have anything I need”. I had piggy backed off HIS facebook announcement about HIS garage sale a block over. I didn’t go to his. Friendly man. I almost answered him when he asked, “Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.” — the potential answers included, “get out your wallet” or “send a city dump truck”.
  • There were several band parents, including one former band parent who came to deliver donated marching shoes for the band.
  • Most came in cars but there were several bicycle or walking couples…. great way to get some exercise.

Ok, I originally saved this draft with the idea of going back and adding to it…..but now enough time has lapsed that I’m not thinking of anything else.

And….for much of what didn’t sell here, we took to the Band’s Rummage Sale at Hier’s park. They sold over $1000 and then donated everything left to Malta House.

All good in the end.


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