Where I was on 9/11

Joan and I were running a little late that Tuesday morning and, just as I was getting ready to turn off the tv and walk out the door, ABC news was talking about a “small plane” that has crashed into one of the World Trade Center Towers. I watched for a couple minutes as they speculated….and then turned off the tv and we left.

Our fundraising office didn’t have a tv, but Joan would sometimes listen to a radio station while she worked. She told me both trade tower buildings had been hit….and the next update I hear is that both buildings have collapsed. I remember disagreeing with her saying something like, “That can’t be true. Those are gigantic buildings.”

We came home early and, like everyone else, watched our tv in horror….

Tuesday evening we had a Fort Wayne Philharmonic Chorus rehearsal, which was a choice to make….because the president was going to talk to the nation. They stopped the rehearsal for the president.

And then we watched for the next several days…..


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