What a roller coaster day

October 19th – My birthday
October 19th – Mom’s funeral

The day started out with a big UPPER as I got to have breakfast with my son, his wife, and their two kids.

But then a huge NOSE DIVE as we went from breakfast to the funeral home where I had to see my mother in a casket. Nothing can prepare you for that.

It was UPLIFTING to meet some of those who came to the service. Just a couple of examples:

  • Betty Swindler was in Mom’s wedding and told us today that they were teenage friends in church. That is a 70-yr old friendship. Mom talked about her friend, but I had never met her. The Swindler family wanted to pay Mom’s way to college — but alas, her proud father would not let her go. Mom wanted her friend’s family, owners of multiple funeral homes in the area, to be the service providers for her pre-arranged funeral.
  • Marvin Black was (is still, I think) a deacon in the church Mom belonged to for half a century.  They were Sunday School class mates and long time friends. No one expected him to come at age 94.
  • And it was humbling and emotional to find flowers from “Huntington North Band Students”. There were flowers, memorials and gifts from the Music Department, our church here in Huntington and some other Huntington friends.

BUT THEN….. they started the service with the playing of some of Mom’s favorite hymns; “The Old Rugged Cross”, “In The Garden”, “How Great Thou Art”….. and the emotions flowed again.

The sermonette was a CELEBRATION OF LIFE and a story of HOPE. It was especially comforting to hear the pastor talk about “no more polio” and “no more pain”.

Then, as we got ready to go to the cemetery, the rains came. The cemetery called the funeral home to say it was too wet to have the graveside service….. I wonder how often must have a “Plan B” for funerals?

But I got to hear my 2-yr old grandson say “umbrella” as he received his own 2-yr-old sized version. He thought that was about the coolest thing ever….except for getting to play with my battery-operated birthday card.

It was GREAT to see all MY siblings, but then SAD that David couldn’t get there. I told him not to come when we learned that the quick airline ticket was going to cost close to $1000. That, plus the scheduling/timing nightmare for him…. I assured him grandma would understand.

I was LOOKING FORWARD to the Kriegbaum II exhibition to show off the band’s new uniforms. The BAND was going to be my end-of-the-day pick-me-up, as they always are. No one can be sad around this amazing group of teens. CANCELLED due to rain.

Then I get home and find over a hundred birthday wishes on facebook. Yay!

Ok, that’s enough for today. Time to crash.


One thought on “What a roller coaster day

  1. Sounds like you had a very special mother too…I’m so sorry you had to go thru all this on your birthday…. but I’m betting she was still there to smile on your special day!!!
    Karen Wall

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