Can preschoolers appreciate good music?

The pics below are of my 2yr old grandson. In one, he is listening to a cello and trying to conduct it, another he is imitating his mother during HER violin lesson, then playing with his toy ‘twumpet’….and the most recent is sitting on the edge of his seat listening to a Brass Quintet.

I believe children will behave according to the way they have been taught and will willingly copy and demonstrate expected behavior….most of the time.

Don’t underestimate what and when a child can learn. It is never to early to develop a love for music. Let preschoolers hear a good variety of music in the house and in the car. Take them to band and choir concerts so they can see/hear live music and learn concert etiquette.

And if you have never heard of it, check out The Mozart Effect …. and find out how music can help make kids smarter….and there is the research to prove it.


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