Back in December, while my sons were home, one of them made the comment that he thought my computer was running a little slow…. so I started paying attention to those speed-up-your-pc type commercials and after doing what I thought was some respectable research, I bit on one that didn’t promise FREE….. but what it did was offer a 1x scan and repair for $1.

I figured FREE was a gimmick….. and here was someone who was up front and willing to charge a small fee to a lot of people to make their profit. WRONG……

Last month, we got our credit card bill and I didn’t recognize the name of the vendor of that $1 charge…..but I told Joan that one dollar wasn’t worth the pain of trying to talk to that bank. WRONG.

So THIS month, we notice an $11.25 charge from the same vendor. I called the number on the bill and get a recorded message to “leave your number”.

As it turns out, when I did the dollar deal, there was some fine print that said that was for the first month’s subscription….. and I didn’t cancel in time. DANG IT!

ps….didn’t notice any difference on my computer either.

John Gardner <=====


One thought on “The FINE PRINT got me, DANG IT!

  1. HI John, generally a program downloaded from the internet can’t resolve problems on your machine, as it’s unique and different factors such as programs installed, amount of free disk space, processor speed and RAM can’t be fixed by a small application. Best thing to do is check you have plenty of free disk space which you can do from “Computer”. Also open Task Manager (press Ctl+Alt+Del together and Start Task Manager). On the performance tab check you have lots of available Physical Memory, ideally needs to be in 4 figures. If it isn’t go to processes, click “show processes from all users” and sort by memory. Then you can see what is using all the RAM up.
    This will take you about 3 minutes and will be a lot more use than any downloaded program.

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