Supid Commercials: “FREE”

Free Download Software to Fix Your Computer. It downloads and runs….tells you you have 1029 errors to fix and that it will fix 15 of them for free. If you want to fix the rest you must purchase the program.
Free Subscription – Cancel at any time. You give them your credit card and the gamble is that you will forget to cancel before they get to charge you at least once. Watch out for the fine print. I once thought I ‘bought’ a 1x computer fix for a price….but the little agreement said I’d be billed every 30 days thereafter. Since I ‘agreed’ to it, I couldn’t get my money back and, sure enough, they got their one month.
Free File Backup forf 15 days.  So you have it just long enough to put all your files on someone else’s computer and then what? “Try it”? That only makes sense if your computer is 3 days away from crashing.

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