Waiting for my 10-minute oil change, I got to enjoy an entire 30-minute episode of that old TV series about two policemen on patrol. I’m sure everything was state-of-the-art at the time. Here are some of the “dated” things I noticed:

  • The lights on the police car consist of two blinking lights…..both red. Nothing like the cars of a thousand red/blue lights that we see today.
  • Fight scenes are incredibly out-dated AND BADLY DONE. Acting has improved.
  • The bad guys call the cops “pigs”.
  • When the police swarm the bank robbery in progress, the best they have are pistols and shotguns… SWAT team.
  • When the police want to call the bank to negotiate, they go to the business next door to borrow the phone….and then dial with the old rotary dial phone. No cell phones.
  • Coming out of the bank with the hostage was really fake. Any sharpshooter would have taken out the bad guy.
  • The crooks and cop hostage get into the get-away car and roll down the windows to drive off. No a/c?
  • When the policeman who was hiding in the trunk jumps out to reveal himself and shoots the robbers with his shotgun, there is no blood. One guy holds his wrist. (NOTE: If you get shot with a shotgun, the hand is gone…..).
  • In the closing moments, the advice to the cop who was the hostage, is to do his banking “through the mail” instead of in the lobby. No computer banking yet.

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