Stupid customer w Calm Shop Owner

I’m sitting in the muffler shop waiting area. The guy comes in carrying a muffler and a connection and wants to purchase a pipe cut and bent to his specifications.

The shop owner is asking the appropriate questions…. the conversation went something like this: (SO=Shop Owner. C=Customer)

C: It needs to be straight for 4″ before the S-curve.

SO: 4″ from here…..or here.

C: Oh, well, from here. (Pause) Oh, wait….make it from here.

SO: Are you sure, because once I bend it, I can’t change it?

C: Ok, then make it from there.


SO: Are you sure about the measurement of the S-curve. I don’t know that I’ve ever bent a muffler that sharply.

C: I’m sure. I measured it.

….. (After a few more misc measurements)

SO: So, I’ll give you two sections of pipe for $25 per section, cut and bent to your specs. ($50)

C: Oh, can’t go that high. How much for the 4′ section of pipe? ….I’ll cut it myself.

SO: $20 (Customer accepts, SO goes to cut the pipe).

….. @ a minute later… C flags down an employee

C: Has he cut that pipe yet? Tell him I want 6′ instead of 4.

SO (Returns) Let me get you a new price…… okay 6′ for $30.

C: Good

SO. Are you sure? (Customer agrees. SO leaves again.)


C: (Flags down another employee). How long is the whole pipe uncut?

SO: (Returns, frustrated). Sir, the whole pipe is 7′ 6″. Do you want the whole stick? It will be $40.


Customer walks out with the stick of pipe for $40. Shop owner holds his head, probably thankful that he didn’t have to bend and cut for a customer that was probably going to complain that it was done incorrectly.

Customer saves $10 and gets to do all the bending, cutting and connecting work himself.

Kudos to the shop owner.


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