I disagree with #BillCosby

On a Sunday interview, Bill Cosby described the real problem with the Zimmerman/Martin event…..not a black/white issue or a racism issue but a GUN issue. Here’s the statement I disagree with…. (from memory)

….”When someone straps on a gun, puts it on his/her person, he/she intends to use it to shoot and kill someone.”


A person who carries a gun should be WILLING to use it, but not carry with the INTENT to use it. That’s a big difference.

I know someone who carries a concealed weapon (licensed and legal) because of the occupation he has had, because of the mutiple times his property (rural) has been broken into and property vandalized…. not to mention that because it is a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

I say that as a non-gun owner. I know HOW to shoot, but I have no DESIRE to shoot. I am RISKING that I don’t NEED to shoot to defend myself, my family or my property. I’m comfortable with my decision, but also with someone who exercises his/her right. I would LIKE to think such a person is proficient and well-grounded, having throught through some of the potential consequences.


2 thoughts on “I disagree with #BillCosby

  1. Dear Mr. Gardner,

    Though I’m Canadian and can’t really take part in this discussion I just might say one small thing. In your last sentence, when you said you hoped the man carrying a gun had “thought through some of the potential consequences,” would you agree with me that those who carry guns should think through ALL of the potential consequences?



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