Pressure Sales approach cost business

This is a followup to a recent post about my quest to find a good price and reputable shop to buy tires and replace brakes called, “I Understand the Game, but I Don’t Like It.

Most of that article was a target complaint about the pressurized sales approach of the local Monro brakes/muffler shop. I ended up purchasing two tires from Walmart and got the brake job done at Kipp’s (for $120 less than the Monro price).

I received a postcard from Monro entitled “Safety is no Accident” in which they caution be about the brake report they got from the shop and offering me a 10% lower than quoted price.

Here is the response I put on the web site:

I have been doing business with the Huntington Monro shop for nearly a decade with tires and (mostly) oil changes on three vehicles that I own plus those of my sons before they went off to college. I have never questioned the quality of the work, but am becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the sales approach.
I understand that part of the reason for the lower (than some) oil change coupons and postcards are to get me into the shop where my car can also be examined for brakes and muffler needs. I get that. Here is a summary of what I’m not liking:
* Show me side by side air filters (installed vs new) and expressing frustrated disbelief when I turn down the new filter.
* I need new wiper blades…..whether I want them or not.
* I need new tires. The set needing replacement was purchased at this Monro shop and had less than 40,000 miles. I’ve never had tires not make the minimum. The manager tells me he wouldn’t have sold me that tire….. and that he wasn’t the manager when I bought that tire. True, but I bought it from Monro.
* I need new brakes. I do need new brakes. Mgr asks if he makes me a special offer, if I’d let him replace pads and rotors while I’m already there. I ask for his “best price” and he quotes me @$290. When I tell him I want to research that he tells me about the price match (who is going to price shop after the brakes are replaced). When I turn that down, he tells me he would have accepted any reasonable offer. But I had asked for the ‘best price’.
I did replace my tires – ELSEWHERE.
I did shop for brake replacement. Three other local shops plus the car dealer quoted me from $40 to $100 less than Monro.
When I called back (prior to having the work done) to take advantage of the price match, I was told that, 1) those shops are using off the shelf products (implying cheap) and 2) that “you’re comparing hamburgers and steak, man”.
The progression on the brake deal means I will not buy tires, brakes or mufflers from Monro. I may still take advantage of the oil change.
This pressurized sales approach may work on some, but not me.
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