A terrible portrayal of a Marching Band

And the Band Played On…

It wasn’t very long ago that the Drum Major of that college down in Florida died as a result of band hazing. So we shouldn’t have been surprised when the Harry’s Law TV show borrows the idea for an episode called, “When the Band Played On”. But the way they showed the “band” was terrible. Some examples:

  • We hear the band practicing inside….because it is raining outside.
  • When the show stars enter the gym, there is a band of about 40-50 (did I mention this is a COLLEGE band?) in full uniform marching in a circle at closer than a 1-step interval (feet are barely able to move) and, of course, the marching is nowhere near the beat of the music. I HATE WHEN THEY DO THAT!
  • There are CHEERLEADERS doing back flips. Since when do the cheerleaders practice with the marching band?
      • COLLRECTION/UPDATE:Since the first post of this article I’ve received two responses I want to credit and a clarification to include:
        1. Comment from a band student: “We had cheerleaders practice with us once”. TRUE. We had a Mosh pit in our marching show and wanted to include cheerleaders and parents in the final home football game performance.
        2. Comment from a band director friend: “Cheerleaders march with the ___ band.” Ok, didn’t know that.
        3. Clarification: I intended nothing negative against cheerleaders. The portrayal in this particular show was not complimentary, in my opinion.
  • The gym has old wooden seats (even older than ours) with an amount of seating you’d find in a small middle school, not a college.
  • No directors, no Drum Majors, No percussion….. just some random instrumentalists marching in a circle.

If you’re going to use a band, how ’bout a real band? I’m sure there are lots of bands in the area that would love some exposure. They would march and move in tempo and do something more realistic than the miserably stereotypical depiction I saw tonight. Why can’t TV shows use real musicians? Geesh!

I think I like the show because it is based in Cincinnati (my hometown area) and I recognize many of the buildings, streets and views that they show after every commercial.

Ok, done venting.

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