We need more than teachers. We need Life Coaches: #7

#7 We need more than teachers. We need life coaches.

From a panel of students who came up with a list of 20 things the nation should know about education, this topic was #7 on the list. See the entire list and get the rest of the story from “The Innovative Educator”.

In a letter from a former student from my first teaching job, Dr. K.C. included in her note a quote I highly value, that “It was about more than just music.” She credited her band experience as one that prepared her for medical school and LIFE.

High School is about more than just the individual academic subjects. It is about preparing teens for life. For many, the next step will be college, in which case they need to be academically prepared. Others will graduate and go into the job market and/or to start and raise families.

If it were only about pouring vast amounts of knowledge into sponges ready to soak it up, we could do education by video. Think of the savings in having to pay for all those teachers. But education is more than knowledge. It is about life and students will respect and listen to a good life coach.

Take band as my example. A very small percentage of band students will major in music in college. I hope that they learn a love and appreciation for music that they can use for the rest of their lives. But in band class, in addition to music, they learn, among other life skills:

  • Time Management. Ours is a busy schedule and they are not excused from all their other homework. They learn how to manage their time and their priorities.
  • Teamwork. We have ‘sections’ as smaller teams within the entire team. Band is a team event. Our collective performance is based on the individual participants. Everyone has to learn to work together.
  • Chain of Command. One of the most valuable “life skills” learned is the understanding, respect for and cooperation within a chain of command. They learn how to work with individuals they might not otherwise associate with. They learn to work together even with people they may personally dislike. 

Some people lose several jobs because they haven’t learned these skills.

A coach does more than teach just the sport or academic subject. Listen to the players on any good team and they will credit the coach with being there for them for much more than the game. That’s what I’m talking about.

Here’s that link again: http://ow.ly/atN88


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