Web-volution from Static to Dynamic for LESS

Web-volution: Web Design evolving like Doctor Prescribed Medicines that are now OTC Generics. 

When I first became involved in web design a decade ago, designing a site required a lot of expertise, expensive design and photo editing software plus an expensive scanner that could only be justified if used as a service provider. The designer had to write code in HTML and PHP and upload via FTP. For most, web design and hosting required expensive experts. It was an almost overwhelming environment, purported by the industry itself, that discouraged self-design. Even some programmers didn’t want to tackle web design.

Getting a web page cost hundreds (or thousands) in start up design followed by hourly upkeep or ongoing retainers and maintenance for edits and updates. Those were the days of $40-$80-$125/hr fees. Avoiding those fees attributed much to the outdated and abandoned sites left for prospects to stumble through. High-priced designers are still out there, but they no longer control the market. YOU DO!

Web designers have been historically successful in preaching “custom” vs “cookie-cutter” to prevent your looking like everybody else. Sites had to “flash”, show spinning buttons and cool screen changes. But in the same way doctor prescribed Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and Naproxin Sodium became over-the-counter Tylenol, Advil and Aleve, which now compete with over the counter (OTC) generics, we no longer have to live with more expensive prescription-level websites.

If you don’t want to design and maintain your own site, at least go for the OTC rates because it is no longer the ultra-fancy specialized static design you need….it is dynamic and content driven functionality. Read more…


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