We need an LLC name. Help?

Wife Joan and I are wanting to set up an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) for our new home-based business. An LLC is a ‘legal’ name registered with the state and must be completely unique. I will do the name availability search for names we really like. Trying to be ‘unique’ is why a lot of small businesses include the owners’ names or initials as part of the name. We have about 3-4 names we’re playing with, and I’ll add those to a followup post, but don’t want that to restrict anything you might come up with.

Let me describe some of what we want to do:

  • Individual Lessons/Mentoring/Coaching. Music lessons, yes, but not limited to just music. There are people looking for help setting up blogs, dealing with social media or small business marketing.  We may (and have) utilized Skype  for long distance interaction.
  • Basic Web/Blog Design, Maintenance & Hosting. There are people who can see the value of blog-communication but have no idea how to find content and present it.
  • Digitizing Media. I think there is a local market for people who have old vinyl records, VHS tapes, etc….who would appreciate having them digitized into CD’s, DVD’s, mp3’s or other media.
  • Data Entry / Basic Outsourced Office Services. Our QDP Corporation business was built on a data-entry service, so we know understand entry and accuracy. You can see some of the other proficiencies we hope to promote and utilize here.
  • Proof-reading / Copyrighting. When you find typos on my blog posts, you know Joan didn’t proof it for me.
  • Individual Independent Income. (III?). We have thousands of pieces of novelty and gift merchandise from our fundraising business and want to enable students, parents, general public or small businesses to utilize that product profitably. For just one example, check out the “Christmas in July” post from my VMO blog.

Other pieces of info for your creative input:

– John & Joan Gardner
– If you use initials, I am JRG and she is JGG. Or we’re John/Joan; i.e. JJG [something]
– We are both college degreed and experienced teachers.
– We want our LLC name to be less limiting than our VirtualMusicOffice.com domain name, but something that reinforces that would be good.

I wish I had prize money, but I will at least thank you publicly if we utilize your suggestion. Thanks for your help. You can reply to this blog, reply to the facebook post, or email John@VirtualMusicOffice.com.



3 thoughts on “We need an LLC name. Help?

    1. Thanks. VirtualMusicOffice sets us up well to offer some of the support services I provide in my current job to other music teachers who don’t have assistants and to do anything music. I want to be offering web design/hosting services to local small businesses and individuals also and I don’t want the “music” to scare them away. Using initials VMO or VME could work. I’ve dont that before. I had (well, still do) a business originally named Quantified Data Products that no one could say, no one could spell and no one knew what it meant….thus QDPCorp.com. One marketing pro friend suggested “HuntingDONE”. I live in Huntington and his slogans were like….. “Hunting for xya….you’re DONE! Good input, including yours. Thanks again…..and thanks for following.

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