Students DESERVE these 7 C’s from Teachers

Static web sites are going the way of the dinosaur. I mean…..really, how many prospects and customers are actually visiting? It would be kinda like trying to get excited about watching commercials. Motivational……NOT!

Consider a more Dynamic (vs Static) approach. Forget the frilly design ideas…. focus on CONTENT.

7 C’s Students deserve from their teachers. <===== An Example

  • Newsletter signup for permission to email market. I use a 3rd party program to send out email blasts as many of your local service providers will limit the quantity you can send.
  • Subscription signup enables them to OPT IN to get notifications when you update your site or blog.
  • Affiliate Marketing can be another income stream. This particular blog has limited ads (so far). As prospects click on those ads and make purchases, I GET COMMISSION. WHAT IF….. we coordinated Affiliate Marketing with fundraising suppliers?
  • Throughout this particular blog article, there are links to other articles (each of which have different decision-making options for their consideration).
  • There are adverts with links to other pages on the site.
  • At the bottom of the page are ways for them to connect via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Email, Website and more.
  • Coordinated Multi-Media Marketing.
    • Show Facebook posts, allow to LIKE.
    • Show Twitter tweets, allow to FOLLOW.
    • Add a BLOG button on your Facebook Page that shows summaries of recent posts with links.

Use a scheduling tool to spread your posts, status updates, tweets, etc for maximum impact. For example; schedule your major blog post on Monday morning on your blog. Link to it again from your personal Facebook page on Wednesday. Schedule it to post to your business Facebook page on Tuesday.  Announce on Twitter Mon AM and again mid afternoon, then again same way on Wednesday. Then on Friday, put it on Twitter again with a #FF (Follow Friday) tag. BUT WAIT…. When do you have time to do all that scheduling? Consider two options:

  1. Use, subscribe or purchase a tool that allows you to do all of that scheduling at one time. Plan your output for the week. Account for the fact that facebook news feeds, twitter posts, etc…. scroll and unless someone is following you specifically, there is a relatively short window of opportunity for them to see it.  It is kinda like marketing commercials on TV. Make multiple impressions. But don’t count on manually doing all that, you’re too busy for that.
  2. Utilize a managed hosting/marketing service. There are people (like me) who can manage and schedule your output to help you achieve maximum exposure.

Basic / Enhanced Web Design, Hosting, Managing

Students are worth fighting (advocating) for and deserve teachers who CAN (proficient, competent), who CARE (compassionate, empathetic), who CONNECT (communicate with, not at), who COLLABORATE and COMMUNICATE with colleagues and parents, who COORDINATE all that goes into providing an organized, informed and inspiring atmosphere,  and who CHALLENGE what constricts their enthusiasm. 



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