11 Things Music and Fire Departments have in common…

My dad was a 32-yr career fighter, retiring as an Assistant Chief for a moderately sized full-time department that had about 10 stations throughout the Covington, Kentucky (Cincinnati area). I recall a childhood time when my siblings and I were visiting him at the firehouse. When the alarm sounded, he abruptly pointed to the wall, said “Stand right there ’til someone comes for you.” Immediately, 10 doors (5 front, 5 rear) open, the intercom is announcing location and status, and people are hustling from every direction. Twenty seconds later, the building is open, empty and quiet. One of the dispatchers invited us into his area while our mother scrambled to come pick us up.

As an Assistant Band Director, I believe some of my Dad’s Fire Department practices could help Music Teachers when it comes to putting out fires. Here are 11 things Music and Fire Departments should have in common. Read more….


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