Why Pixels Instead of Paper?

We started down this path by transferring our basketball pep band music to digital format for students to download to iPads. The iPad becomes the music folder. Worked great. This article takes it farther…

Technology in Music Education

The MusicGoat website has a list of ten reasons why you would want to use digital music instead of paper music. You can find the complete article here (and Hugh Sung, the creator of the Air Turn Bluetooth page turning [and other functions] device has a book coming soon). To summarize the article, digital music is better because:

  • It eliminates bulk
  • You don't lose music
  • You can find music instantly
  • You can make set lists
  • You can transpose music instantly
  • You can mark up your music as you wish, without ruining it
  • You can eliminate blind spots, bad cuts, and bad page turns
  • You can enlarge your music
  • You can turn everyone's pages (a feature of unrealBook)
  • You can turn pages hand free with AirTurn

I think all of these items are true, and all are important, but there are a few more reasons to go digital when you consider…

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