Proving to the doctor that I didn’t need that $$$ prescription

Prescription med pricesA few years ago, I had a minor heart-wrenching incident that required some “testing”, followed by a shocking “procedure” and some “precautionary” prescription medication. This year, I opted out of the school’s medical insurance (why is another post), and the last time I went to pick up a “refill” the price had multiplied by 10x. I thought it was expensive at $20+. You know you’re in trouble when the pharmacist asks,

“Do you know how much this is?”

I refused the pills and called my doctor, who insisted I continue, but when he sensed the ordeal was making my blood boil, offered some “samples” of a different medication for me to try. I was to come back to the office in a few weeks for a test check to ensure the new medication, which I also cannot pronounce and is probably comparably expensive, was working.

The variable in this process is that I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight this year.  Convinced that I was feeling better and healthier because of other decisions, and also that this particular medication, for the reason that it was originally prescribed, was no longer necessary (if it ever was), I conducted my own non-doctor-approved test.

I gradually went from taking the sample every day to taking it every other day and then every third day. Feeling no different, and both convinced that it wasn’t necessary and motivated by not wanting to pay the high price, I intentionally went a week without it — and THEN submitted to the test check.

I did NOT tell the nurse I had stopped taking the medication until AFTER the test and her report, “That is pretty perfect.” Shocked when I told her what I had done, she promised to give the result to the doctor with my request for his blessing to discontinue both the substitute and the originally prescribed drug.


Now that I am less medicated and feeling chipper, may I be of service?

Thanks for reading.

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