Apps My Students Used in 2014

Technology in Music Education

Over the next weeks, I am going to write a number of posts about our experience as a 1:1 school this past year. The logical place to start, of course, is about the apps that my students used. I use a number of apps beyond what my students use in class.

The very first thing you need to know is that all the apps we used had to be free this year, with the exception of Notability, which was purchased for every student. The district purchased our 4th Generation iPads in July of 2013, which meant that the changes in Apple’s own iOS apps did not apply to our devices (today, if you buy a new iPad or Mac, all the iWork and iLife apps are free, with the exception of GarageBand, which has an in-app purchase). We had hoped that Apple would retroactively give our iPads those apps for…

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