Teen Advice When Potential Employers Brush You Off

By John Gardner

The following is my response to a student’s facebook post about the frustration of submitting an application and hearing, “we’ll call you.”

I would suggest that it can be appropriate to politely, periodically but persistently go pro-active vs waiting for them to call you. As an employer, it impressed me when someone called back to “check on the status”. In one case, I actually created a spot for that type of person. Another memorable ‘hire’ was when a guy took the time/effort to search me out to personally introduce himself, tell me why he would benefit my business, hand me some reference letters and ASK for the job. The avg person fills out the application and stops, but YOU are not average. Tell ’em to call me — or tell me who to call. G’luk!

Person Holding Hire Me Sign in Crowd


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