Good Customer Service Is Always Impressive – a local example

By John Gardner

I have used Monroe Brake/Tire for oil changes for years — mostly because their oil change coupon is better than anybody else’s. Yes, I understand that the reason for the coupon is to get you in the shop so they can up-sell you. The previous store manager annoyed me every time I was in the shop. I needed an air filter, or a wiper blade, or to upgrade the oil, or new tires, or another set of brakes…. always something. Here is an approximate description of the “understanding” I developed with him…..

“Yes, go ahead and do that if it can be done for the price on the coupon.”

The problem with his tactic was that there could have been legitimate items/services I could use, but he so un-earned my trust that…..well, I couldn’t say yes to anything.

I was relieved a couple weeks ago when I noticed the “Under New Management” sign.

Today, as I arrived for my appointment, the young former mechanic greeted me at the door – by name. My appointment was for an oil change. I asked him to check a “noise”. When I asked for wiper blades, he told me about the super-duper variety, but didn’t hassle me when I told him the normal grade would be okay.

My intention if/when he quoted me an outrageous amount to fix what I assumed would be a significant under body repair, was to take that number to another mechanic I use and let him do the work for less.

“You have a broken piece on your left front sway bar. I am supposed to tell you that when one goes, the other is usually not far behind — but I can fix the one for you for $60 and it will take about 10 minutes.”


When I mentioned that his pricing sounded very reasonable, he let me know that one of the first things he did was lower the “shop rate” by @$20, because his predecessor had their rate higher than the dealer across the street. And that the result was that they were up nearly 200 cars/month.


But I was most impressed, when to describe how he would treat me, he said…

“I will treat you like a parent.”



 Customer Service - Lifting the Words


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