School Backpack or No Backpack

By John Gardner

Attractive student back to schoolSchool has started where I teach. I completely support the logic behind my school’s strictly enforced “no back packs” rule. When I took a ‘personal day’ to visit another school for my fundraising business, it took me a while to notice what was bothering me — nearly every student was carrying a book bag, most of the back pack variety. Two different schools with different reasons. Without criticizing either, I’ll share a little about both.


1700 students
Grades 9-12
In City (Small Town)
Students from City/County
Only school in the county
Students carry iPads in protective covers

RULE: Students may not carry back packs / book bags to classes or have them in the hallways. They may use them to transport materials to/from school, but are to place them in locker upon arrival and retrieve them after dismissal from last class.

REASON: Too easy to hide or transport unwanted or illegal items; mainly weapons or drugs. 


500 students
Grades 7-12
In County (just north of small town)
Students from County (no city)
3 High Schools in County (2 rural, 1 city)
Students carry Macbook Airs

RULE: Students must transport school-provided Macbook Air laptops in a protected, student-provided manner – book bags and back packs recommended.

REASON: Computer protection during transport

What is YOUR school rule and reasoning?

Thanks for reading,



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