My thoughts on Robin Williams

By John Gardner

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s tribute to Robin Williams, which includes his first appearance on Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show”.

Here’s one of several tributes from ABC News

No one questions his talent. I grew up watching Mork and Mindy and saw many (not all) of the movies he was in. When we hear of his amazing success, it is difficult to understand how someone with a $35 million dollar house can be depressed. Yet, like so many others who have “made it”, he went through addictions, divorces and financial struggles. 

Now that he is gone, everyone talks about how badly he was, yet how much experience and medicine there is with successfully dealing with his type of mental illness. Why didn’t they address that sooner?

A local facebook user posted how his was, and we’ve heard the phrase, a “permanent solution to a temporary situation”. 

Was he selfish — or just sick?

Oh……but no one addresses this part of his problem:

He didn’t know Jesus.

In one of his monologues, he mocks Christians. Sad.

Of course Christians can experience depression and some deal with it via suicide. But can you imagine how awesome it would have been to have a fired up Christian Williams in revival?Now those are sermons I could stay awake for.

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