7 Reasons To Hire Workers Over 50

Credit to  Ron GrimesSr Software Engineer, Web Applications, Silicon Valley Firm

My seven reasons to hire a 50+ worker:

Person Holding Hire Me Sign in Crowd1) We won’t spend half the day surfing websites that have nothing to do with our job.

2) We won’t exhibit a Pavlovian response to our cell phones every time they make a sound.

3) We don’t think text messages and emails require an immediate response; we know how to schedule a specific time slot in the day to respond to them (if they’re not an emergency).

4) We won’t be taking maternity/paternity leave for 2-3 months, leaving you wondering how you’re going to get that project done on time now.

5) We won’t have to take off early to pick up a sick child from school.

6) We don’t have to Google how to do something because we actually know how to do it, based on having done it a hundred times. We don’t pretend experience, but actually have it.

7) We’ve seen a hundred different ways to do things, and aren’t limited by the narrow mindedness of thinking everything has to fit within how our college professor told us is the “right” way to do it (e.g., we’re not as prone to being pedantic).

Works for me. I’m over 50. Check me out here.

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