We didn’t help the retailers much this Christmas season…

Even with all the tv ads for buying new luxury cars and diamonds, Joan and I have always been practically minded, preferring what we ‘need’ vs stuff for stuff’s sake. When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she summed up our mutual feeling very well,

“We don’t need more ‘stuff’. We already have a house, garage, basement and attic full of stuff. We’re trying to get rid of stuff.”

We’re not scrooges…. We had ‘christmas’ a couple weeks ago with the grandkids and family, and will spend a few minutes Christmas morning exchanging gifts with our other son.

In comparison to the several Christmas tree with gifts posted on facebook, ours looked skimpy….but we also won’t be spending the next several months paying down the credit card debt many run up this time of year.

We are truly blessed with a family that gets along and shares lots of love even when we can’t all be together. Joan and I are relatively healthy, our sons are healthy and happy and our grandkids are wonderful.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Reason for Season John and Joan


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