3 things to keep in mind when delivering your elevator pitch

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elevatorThe directive from the interviewer, “Tell me about yourself,” strikes fear in the hearts of even the most confident job candidates. That’s because they haven’t given serious consideration to how they’ll answer this directive.

It’s also because they haven’t given thought to how to construct a persuasive elevator pitch. Have you? One of the most important tools in your job search toolbox is an elevator pitch. It can be used in a number of ways: as part of your networking repertoire and certainly at an interview.

Here are three tidbits of advice delivering a powerful elevator pitch.

1. Keep it relevant. You must be aware of what the employer wants from her employees, which requires from you not only researching the job but also the company.

Let’s say, as a trainer, you’re aware of the employer’s need for satisfying people of cultural differences. You’ll begin your elevator speech by addressing this…

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