Day 1 for son John at his new job

Both our sons have had significant promotions/job changes this year. More about David’s promotion to Cluster Dean at in another post.

Today is Day 1 for son John at his new job as Worship Pastor of First Baptist, Powell, TN, where he will join 5 other pastors, 5 ministry directors and a support staff of 12+. His kids are excited that his new office is close to the church’s playground.

He was at Stevens Street Church in Cookeville for 15 years, including his undergrad college time, during which he experienced a church grow from two services to three — move into a new facility and still have two morning services. While there, he started their worship orchestra (now regularly includes 20+ instrumentalists) and also started and oversaw their successful School of Performing Arts. For the past year or so he has also been their choir director and worship coordinator. All this while continuing his seminary education and playing in a professional brass band.

FBC Powell includes a Classical Christian School where John & Laurie’s three kids will attend (as part of his pastoral package) and has a deaf ministry that will offer much for them and their two daughters.

When I asked about membership/attendance, he told me about their several campuses. Rather than continue to build (you can see numerous additions to the original building) or add services, they are very active in revitalizations; where they find a struggling church, send members and financially support that church until it is standing strong. During that revitalization, they count that attendance as part of their own. Recently, they sent 300 of their members to such a church in their area.

John & Laurie were able to sell their house without listing it, and to purchase an empty house, just a couple of many demonstrations of the Lord’s work in this entire process. While they wait to close on their house (walking distance from the church), the family is staying in one of several of what the church calls their “mission houses”, used for guests, missionaries — and incoming pastor families.

From both the Cookeville members sending him off and the Powell members welcoming him, it sounds like he is equipped and supported to continue to grow worship ministry wherever he is.

Firat Baptist Powell TN 2


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