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15 yrs experience as a public school music teacher, 16yrs as college adjunct faculty and decades as a small business owner. Yes, they overlap. Experience in both the fundraising and education worlds give me a unique combination of perspectives in both. I love working with the youthful enthusiasm of today's teenage achievers and believe that an organized and effective music program should include teaching excellence and operating the program with strong business practices.

Stopped for the first time at a Sheetz G

Stopped for the first time at a Sheetz Gas/Convenience store in PA. You order food at a kiosk — including selecting bread type and condiments. Receive numbered, bar-coded ticket. Take ticket to counter, they scan, you pay. Once paid, order is prepared and number called at a pickup window. Although Sheetz has been doing kiosk ordering for a few years, this type setup is the predicted response to a high minimum wage requirement.