Music Depts

I have 11 years band directing experience in public schools, 16 years as adjunct faculty at the college level and 30 years business experience. (Don’t add those together….there is a lot of overlap). I am currently part-time in all three of those functions, so I have more time to share my experience and proficiencies as your Virtual Assistant in your Band Back-Office. Let me do the things you don’t have time to do.

Resume and References



Microsoft Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Outlook / One Note / Publisher
Make Music:
     Finale 2009 / SmartMusic 2012


Contact Management (12yrs with Maximizer)


Evernote – Internet Note taking

QuickBooks Accounting (Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Credits, Statements)

Email marketing

Online Group Meetings / Presentations

Blogging: Techniques (Facebook, WordPress)

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Hootsuite

Google Calendars


Middle School. Taught beginning band in 6th grade and also band and general music in grades 7-8.

High School. 11 years experience as a high school band director in both  small and large school environments.

College. Adjunct Music Faculty at Huntington University.

Customer Service

I have operated two small businesses (one is a product fundraising company where my customers are teachers and parent volunteers, and the other is a software design/processing business where my customers are other fundraising distributors). I know how to provide professional-grade service to professionals.


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