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Resume John Gardner 2011
Bringing YOUR Product/Service to the Fundraising Market

Resume Cover Letter

I have a unique combination of decades of experience and expertise as a public school and private collegiate educator, as a small business owner/operator and as a philanthropic volunteer.

In a small district, where I was hired prior to college graduation, I grew the band from 39 to 93 in four years, involving 20% of the student body. The marching band was ranked 4th in state twice. I am currently a part-time assistant in a large Class A high school and adjunct music faculty at a local Christian university. Ten years of teaching experience were interrupted by 25 years of sales and small business ownership overlapping 15 years as college adjunct music faculty. I have paused recent graduate work at Ball State about 6hrs short of an MM degree for educational employment reasons.

After working in sales and management for a national company, I formed my own, still operating business in 1984. QDP Corporation provides fundraising products and services, has developed markets and supports specialized software for the fundraising industry, has designed and hosted about sixty web sites, and is a Charter Member of the only national fundraising association (

As Band Parent President, I helped my sons’ band raise $90,000 for uniforms and a Disney trip. When the program was challenged, I presented a “Defense of the Arts” to a cafeteria filled School Board meeting that ended in a standing ovation that helped affect major changes to the original school board proposal.

I am fluent in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, LinkedIn) as well as WordPress blogging (currently maintain five), Digsby, Hootsuite, Contact Management, Online Meetings, Email Marketing, all Microsoft® Office programs and QuickBooks. I was a Gideon Camp VP, president and church speaker trainer, have given educational seminars at national trade shows, held the attention of 850 middle schoolers and informed and entertained banquet and concert audiences. I have written band handbooks, sales and software manuals, and published pre-blog newsletters, including a paid subscription letter.

I know how to respond, communicate, encourage, organize and criticize. I ask questions to qualify answers, set agendas, oversee meetings, hire, train and manage employees, teach students and interact with parents. I have written and negotiated contracts. Within both the corporate and education world, from being on the top and the bottom, I understand and respect chain of command.

If you can handle old (according to students), fat (working on it), bald (too late) and ugly (sorry), I would appreciate a conversation to see if your opportunity and my qualifications can match.


John Gardner
Huntington, IN


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