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I have been in the fundraising business since 1980 and have worked as a sales rep for a national manufacturing company, as a District Manager and as a Warehouse Distributor running my own company. I have also been a supplier to the fundraising industry, providing what has become the industry standard in order tally software.

Product fundraising is a very unique industry and many companies and individuals with fantastic products and ideas fail because they do not understand THIS industry. This is where I can help. The following would be a generic proposal for a consulting arrangement.


Confidentiality – both ways

A Retainer that covers a stated project or number of projects with a maximum number of hours

Additional projects as needed with deposit prior to start and balance upon completion

Commission on product sold outside the local area and/or in the general fundraising industry

Agreement on mileage and travel time

Understanding not to conflict with my other jobs until or unless this job becomes a combination of more full time and/or longer term.

(per time constraints and your priorities)

Pricing recommendations utilizing common practices within the industry

Wholesale to distributor

Volume discounts for larger distributors

Overall Sales Order Taker Brochure Design

Retail pricing / Descriptions / Product ID’s / Designators / Bilingual

Multiple brochures

Specialty Group Tags

Larger, more complete catalog

Vouchers for ordering direct and/or online

Structure for additional Distributor materials

Price lists for Brochures, Samples, Products

Policies and Procedures, Common industry credit practices

Tally & Pack Services

Internet Sales Fulfillment

Recommendations about effect of selling direct to customers on distributors.

Structuring programs for:

Fundraising projects direct

Lesson /Marketing plans for teachers or Training for Distributors

Product as Prizes

Kit Sales

Fundraising projects through distributors who purchase product and resell it

Fundraising projects through contractors selling in your name

School book stores

Office / Teacher Reward program

Work from Home Program: Parents / Students

Communication via email, phone, Skype, MeetingsToGo (or comparable).

Time tracking via program of your choice – or moderately detailed descriptions of time at task.


For a more personalized quote, contact me and let’s talk.

John Gardner


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