Virtual Services

As a part-time Asst Band Director, I have used a variety of technologies to help in organizing, moderating, maintaining and promoting the program I am connected with and am initiating a ‘virtual’ service to provide some of these for other band directors or teachers who either lack the technical experience, the desire, or the TIME to do them.

Also as a small business owner, I have utilized several technologies….

A “Virtual Office” service operational for nearly three decades, is our fundraising order tallying service, enabling the small independent fundraiser to compete with the larger operations and their internal IT departments… allowing them to send ordera that we data entry and then generate printouts with the client’s name on them… that the only evidence that we are involved is the return address on our shipping label. And now, we can send the printable files so even shipping is no longer necessary.

I have used Access to create a data base of band members where I can track additional information from what the school collects and have over 10-yrs experience with Maximizer Contact Management software, Excel for anything from music library to organizing shirt sizes, listing Disney deposits and band member account balances, calculating commissions, organizing inventories and close-out lists/pricing, markups and discounts, Google Calendars to manage and merge multiple calendars and post those on a website Blog. I maintain additional blog/web sites for QDP Corporation, Priority Fundraising, a Community Band and for some Work From Home opportunities, where I sell “How To” information and I am a reseller for Domain Names and Web Hosting. Prior to online blogging, I have decades of experience in marketing several newsletters, such as Runtime, a promotional letter for products and services my company offers, Priority News (no longer active) as a subscription letter, Music Notes (replaced by a blog) as a monthly communication/encouragement tool for my band, and more. I use Powerpoint for sales and training presentations and announcements in the bandroom, Publisher to print some encouragement notes/cards, One Note to organize meeting notes (weekly business staff meetings, band parent meetings, business seminars),  SmartMusic for teaching private lessons, making practice assignments, mp3’s and CD’s, Finale for music notation, Skype for some remote music lessons, YouTube for posting music and recordings of marching band rehearsals and performances, Facebook to communicate with parents and students and customers, Twitter to set up a way to send out tweets to students and parents when the band is on the road, Email Marketing Services for communicating with mail/customer/prospect lists, Online Meeting/Collaboration Services and probably some others. Currently I’m learning some software for Digitize Media, i.e. record LP records, clean up the scratches and pops, make tracks and put on CD’s or DVD’s and working to increase my marketing experience and expertise on eBay and other auction/selling sites. I have written manuals for Sales Training, Software User Guides, and a Band Handbook. I have graduate level experience and training in educational research. For another listing of capabilities/strengths, visit here.

What I tend to be recognized for most often, it seems, are my writing and organizational communication/marketing skills. I have been called a “documenter”, a “copywriter” and sometimes accused of providing “too much information”, but I am able and experienced at engaging a public, whether parents of students in my high school classes, college students, education professionals, fundraising distributors or software customers.

Much of what I write and post can be reproduced in a generic fashion for those in similar situations. For example,

  • I can utilize some of the format of my local band site to help other directors or parent groups keep their people informed.
  • I can take the motivational research, articles or personally written pieces written for a specific group and generalize or make adaptations/persoalizations for other specific groups.

If you’ve read this far, you must be serious or interested, in which case, I offer the following links for additional information:

 About John Gardner

 As I establish this part of my business, I am motivated to make it easy for a few people to get started, for the positive feedback and for marketing purposes.


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