Samples of some of the types of pieces I have written/posted related to Music Department “Back Office” type projects. I could format from rough text or supply to your blog/site misc informational/motivational/educational material.

Sample band/business blog/web sites:

Now It’s Your Turn was a piece I originally wrote a few years ago when I was losing a particularly strong class of seniors — and some of the Juniors were having trouble dealing with it and thinking that all was lost because the seniors were gone. I typically modify it now each year and include graphics and references to the upcoming show.

Myth Busters was a piece sent to Middle School buildings where there wasn’t a lot of contact between the 8th grade students and the high school directors….rebutting some of the reasons we had heard from 8th grade students not continuing into marching band in the high school.

As part of both a defense and affirmation of the arts, this was a blog post on the band site: Music Across Academics


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