Ben Franklin started the University of P

Ben Franklin started the University of PA (Penn) as the 1st secular university in USA. Now Ivy League, it is where son David got PhD. It is one of the more expensive schools in the country, although David didn’t pay them a penny. They invited him into their doctoral program directly out of undergrad at Duke. And from there, he got his amazing teaching position at #GoodGradesDoPay btw … for those of you who follow him, Penn is where Donald Trump went to business school.

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Don’t Be An Idiot

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Planned Parenthood is not selling baby parts, you idiots

The silence of Planned Parenthood’s supporters in the last few weeks has spoken volumes. It’s been shocking how quiet many of my liberal friends have been in rushing to the defense of one of the greatest bastions of modern liberalism. But there have been a few who have vocally defended them. Most of the arguments they use are similar, so today let’s look at one which is representative of many others I’ve seen.

Apologies for the language this blogger uses, but I think there are a few important observations to be made from her video, and from the wider stream of similar Planned Parenthood defense arguments it represents. Click here for Rebecca Watson’s blog post where this video first appeared.

First of all, it’s important to note that her video came out before the most recent Center for Medical Progress video, which was released yesterday. It was even more damning…

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What’s Growing in Margaret Sanger’s Garden?

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"The greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world." ~ Margaret Sanger

With so much frenzy these days to expunge all vestiges of racism in our nation, perhaps the vigilantes of political correctness can find some rare common ground with social conservatives. Building a consensus on social issues is unquestionably difficult—some might even say impossible—but rather than bickering about cakes, flags, and dead generals, we ought to agree together that Margaret Sanger and the organization she founded have been far more effective at exterminating minorities than the most bloodthirsty Ku Klux Klan member ever dreamed of. Whatever you may think about Nathan Bedford Forrest, he is not the founder of the organization that continues to slaughter nearly 2,000 black and Hispanic children each and every week in the United States.

This despicable organization, founded with explicitly racist motivations, represents an insidious evil against which all who despise racism in any form can rally. And unlike exhuming the bodies of those long dead…

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3 things to keep in mind when delivering your elevator pitch

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elevatorThe directive from the interviewer, “Tell me about yourself,” strikes fear in the hearts of even the most confident job candidates. That’s because they haven’t given serious consideration to how they’ll answer this directive.

It’s also because they haven’t given thought to how to construct a persuasive elevator pitch. Have you? One of the most important tools in your job search toolbox is an elevator pitch. It can be used in a number of ways: as part of your networking repertoire and certainly at an interview.

Here are three tidbits of advice delivering a powerful elevator pitch.

1. Keep it relevant. You must be aware of what the employer wants from her employees, which requires from you not only researching the job but also the company.

Let’s say, as a trainer, you’re aware of the employer’s need for satisfying people of cultural differences. You’ll begin your elevator speech by addressing this…

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