Now it is YOUR turn

Originally posted on Huntington North Bands:

By Mr. Gardner

It is normally about this time that Sophomores & Juniors, start to realize that their older friends they’ve look up to, learned from and leaned on, are graduating, have graduated or are gone – and if they dwell on it, they can get down about the next (new) year. Don’t!

This is not a new or unique situation. It happens every year. So I would like to encourage you and others who have thought the same thing about graduated friends…. to consider a couple things.

First, if this note is speaking to you it is a compliment. As you think back during your Freshman and Sophomore years, there were Juniors and Seniors who accepted you into their friend circles, right? Those became strong and meaningful relationships and I suspect you gained from their experience and insight – and from their friends. And now, for those who are…

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Easter service at Duke University Chapel

Easter service at Duke University Chapel. Very formal service. Here are some spots to consider checking out:
Best for pipe organ is at 1:14:00. This chapel has 5 pipe organs. The one you will hear is in the front of the sanctuary – 6600 pipes. There is a 5000 organ at the back (they show it during this segment). I have been fortunate to be in the chapel when they play together — such beautiful power.

There are choir moments at 25:50 and the processional at about 9:20.